The aims of our company are to raise awareness of the issues facing the LGBTQU+ community and promote Crawley as a safe place for members of the community. We also want to create a sense of belonging and identity for the LGBTQU+ community in Crawley. This will be done through planning and managing annual events and supporting developments of services for the LGBTQU+ community in Crawley.

Meet the Team


Managing Director


Identifying as part of the LGBT+ community and having lived in Crawley most of my life, I have a demographic understanding of the challenges faced by members of Crawley's LGBTQU+ community. I am honoured to be managing director of this incredibly important organisation and look forward to making a difference in our town.


Co-Director & Finance Manager


Growing up when I was at school there was no support for the LGBT community, I knew so many people that needed support. I’m so pleased that I can support so many people in so many different ways.




Having moved back to Crawley after finishing university it was so good to see this group forming, and now to be a part of it! I can't wait to celebrate the diversity of our town and create a safe and supportive place for people in the LGBTQU+ community.


Company Assistant & People of Faith Leader


I've lived in Crawley my whole life and there has never been a local dedicated group for the LGBTQU+ Community. Being a person of faith and bisexual, I am ecstatic to be a part of CrawleyLGBTQU+!