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An image from Crawley Pride Parade. A lady is holding a glittery sign painted in the colours of the Trans Flag. The sign says 'Trans Rights are Human Rights'

About Us

The aims of our company are to raise awareness of the issues facing the LGBT+ community and promote Crawley as a safe place for members of the community. We also want to create a sense of belonging and identity for the LGBT+ community in Crawley. This will be done through planning and managing annual events and supporting developments of services for the LGBT+ community in Crawley.

Meet Our Directors

An image of Vincent, one of the Directors of CrawleyLGBT. He is wearing a CrawleyLGBT shirt with a rainbow lanyard, laughing.


Co-founding CrawleyLGBT CIC has been such a rewarding journey. Now event managing the company, I am overjoyed by its community success. Crawley is a beautifully diverse town, but too often, the LGBT+ community is left without a voice. Creating safe spaces and a sense of belonging in the town where I grew up is a true passion of mine.

An image of Vincent, one of the Directors of CrawleyLGBT. He is wearing a CrawleyLGBT shirt with a rainbow lanyard, laughing.


Growing up when I was at school there was no support for the LGBT+ community, I knew so many people that needed support. I’m so pleased that I can support so many people in so many different ways.

An image of Ben, one of the directors of CrawleyLGBT. He is wearing a CrawleyLGBT T-Shirt and walking in front of the Crawley Pride Parade. He is smiling and has rainbow dots across his face.


Having moved back to Crawley after finishing university it was so good to see this group forming, and now to be a part of it! I can't wait to celebrate the diversity of our town and create a safe and supportive place for people in the LGBT+ community.

An image of Alice, a Director of CrawleyLGBT. Alice is taking a selfie, smiling in front of a table full of rainbow coloured merchandise including lanyards and flags. Alice is smiling.


I feel incredibly privileged to be part of Crawley LGBT+. As a Transgender Woman I’m proud to be out and representing on behalf of those who feel they’re unable to.

A picture of Hayley, a Director of CrawleyLGBT. Hayley is taking a selfie and wearing a black denim jacket. She has a small Pansexual flag pin on her jacket.


Im excited to join Crawley LGBT+ for empowering events, support, and friendship. To celebrate love, equality, and diversity with our vibrant LGBT+ community and hoping that together, we can all make a difference! 

A picture of Skye, a director of CrawleyLGBT. She is taking a selfie in front of a rainbow banner with Unison written on it. Skye has flowers painted on her face.


I joined Crawley LGBT to be a role model. I'm proud of who I am and want to give others the confidence to be themselves to. I also want to help provide opportunities for the LGBT+ community to get support and be heard. It's time to be the change I want to see in world.

Meet Our Trustees

A picture of Hollie, a Trustee of CrawleyLGBT. Hollie is sat in front of a grey background, smiling at the camera.


I'm excited to have a positive impact on the lives of LGBT+ people in Crawley and the surrounding areas, through helping build a more inclusive environment for young people, and engaging the community in LGBT+ heritage.

A picture of Michele, a Trustee of CrawleyLGBT. Michele is stood on a large painted rainbow progress flag. She is wearing a black CrawleyLGBT top.


My description is coming soon!

A picture of Stacey, a Trustee of CrawleyLGBT. Stacey is taking a selfie with a rainbow CrawleyLGBT lanyard around her neck. She is wearing a black CrawleyLGBT T-Shirt and has a rainbow braid in her hair.


I got involved with Crawley LGBT+ to support my eldest child that is trans and absolutely love being a part of the team. I think it is wonderful that we have such an awesome event in my local town. It means so much to me to be a trustee.

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