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About Us

The aims of our company are to raise awareness of the issues facing the LGBTQU+ community and promote Crawley as a safe place for members of the community. We also want to create a sense of belonging and identity for the LGBTQU+ community in Crawley. This will be done through planning and managing annual events and supporting developments of services for the LGBTQU+ community in Crawley.

We are looking for volunteers! 

Work With Us

Meet the Team

Vincent: Pride Manager


Identifying as part of the LGBT+ community and having lived in Crawley most of my life, I have a demographic understanding of the challenges faced by members of Crawley's LGBTQU+ community. I am honoured to be managing director of this incredibly important organisation and look forward to making a difference in our town.

Julie: Co-Director, Finance Lead


Growing up when I was at school there was no support for the LGBT community, I knew so many people that needed support. I’m so pleased that I can support so many people in so many different ways.

Ben: Co-Director, Digital Lead


Having moved back to Crawley after finishing university it was so good to see this group forming, and now to be a part of it! I can't wait to celebrate the diversity of our town and create a safe and supportive place for people in the LGBTQU+ community.

Kaiden: Co-Director, Projects Lead


Growing up in Crawley, I am so happy there is now an LGBTQU+ group who are all about inclusion and support. I am proud to be a part of not only Crawley LGBTQU+, but to lead the Trans Social too. Being Trans myself, I understand the importance of feeling accepted and I look forward to connecting with other people within the community.

Hollie: Schools Lead


I'm excited to have a positive impact on the lives of LGBTQU+ children and young people, by working with schools and colleges in Crawley and the surrounding areas through helping them build a more inclusive environment.

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