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Crawley Pride 2024

Crawley Pride Parade with DMT School holding a large rainbow pride flag and signs saying 'Born This Way' and 'Love is Love'
A drag queen reading a story to children gathered around on beanbags inside a marquee at Crawley Pride 2023
Volunteers for Crawley Pride stood on stage dancing, everyone is wearing a yellow top with the CrawleyLGBT logo
Mary Hinge, a drag queen with red hair alongside Sandi Bogle from Goggle Box taking a photo with two children and a woman in flower leis at Crawley Pride

What's Happening

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Our Response to the Draft Guidance for Schools and Colleges: Gender Questioning Children

On the 19th December, the government published its draft guidance on how schools can support pupils questioning their gender identity.

The guidance underlines that serving the interests of the pupil questioning their gender may come into conflict with the interests of the wider school community. It further states that when there is a perceived conflict, a school should refuse any request for a change.

This includes using a pupil’s preferred pronouns or being flexible with school uniforms. The guidance also states that parent’s should always be informed which could put a pupil at significant risk at home.

The language used is shocking from our point of view, using terms such as ‘ideologies’. We are shocked that it’s pointed out that schools don’t have any obligation to allow pupils to transition. We feel the document is very biased with no independent review from groups that are within the trans community. General anti-trans legislations affect not only the trans community but cis-women too. For example, if a cis female child was in a mixed school without access to football, under this legislation they won’t be able to compete in a mixed gender capacity as it clearly states that pupils will only be allowed to access single-sex settings.

The rhetoric that the government keep promoting has an impact on everybody’s lives, not only the trans community and we are concerned for the welfare of not only the trans community but cis-women too.

Robin White, a specialist barrister has stated: “Refusing to accommodate a child who identifies as trans is undoubtedly a breach of the Equality Act. It’s the government’s opening position in this guidance and it’s wrong.”

She also states:

“We need guidance which is born of love, inclusion and support, not exclusion, hatred and nastiness.”

It should be noted that this guidance is non-statutory and should be treated as such. Schools are currently free to make their own decisions and we encourage them to support trans and gender-questioning pupils.

This guidance is currently in a consultation phase until the 12th March 2024. The government is seeking views from parents, teachers and school officials. It does not extend this invite to pupils or trans people.

Due to this, we urge anyone who falls into the mentioned categories to provide their views to this consultation, on behalf of trans and gender-questioning pupils who are not being given a voice. You can find information on how to do this on the government website here

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