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We understand the challenges our local LGBTQU+ community faces on a daily basis and Covid-19 has not made things any easier. 

We would therefore like to announce our new initiative: Crawley LGBTQU+ Helpline!

The helpline is currently open every Wednesday, 6pm - 10pm. We are planning to open on more days in the future.

Want to chat with someone but not comfortable using the phone? You can use our online chat function! Just look for the little chat bubble

Helpline Privacy & Confidentiality

CrawleyLGBTQU+ Helpline is an anonymous and confidential service. We have taken extensive measures to protect your privacy.

CrawleyLGBTQU+ is a confidential service. We do not use Caller Display Equipment and therefore have no way of tracing callers. There are, however, some circumstances where we would break confidentiality:


  • When we feel a caller or someone a caller talks about is in life threatening danger and the caller has given     their contact details to us.

  • When we have the caller’s permission to speak to a third party.

  • When we feel a caller is deliberately preventing us from carrying out our service.

  • When a caller threatens volunteers/staff and it is felt their safety may be at risk.

  • When we have a court order to divulge information.

  • When we have bomb warnings or information about terrorism.


There may be occasions when a call may be listened into by another helpline support worker/staff member, to assist us in training new helpline support workers, to give support to the helpline support worker in particularly distressing calls and to monitor our service to ensure we are giving the best possible service to callers.


Your Personal Details

Our Helpline is an anonymous service. You should not provide any personally identifying details, such as your name or email address.

Are the Calls Recorded?

What you discuss with our Helpline operators during your session is intended to be a private conversation. All conversations using the Helpline will be recorded for the safety of both our operators and yourself. We will delete your call recording after the Helpline session has ended unless we feel it needs to be forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

Operators will only record the type of support or information provided to you and how long the call lasted for. This information will not identify you personally, will not identify information you may have provided, and is only collected for monitoring and reporting purposes.

At the end of each session, you will be asked to provide basic demographic information, such as your age, gender and ethnicity. No personal information will be requested. This information is requested for monitoring and reporting purposes, and you do not have to provide it if you do not want to.

Sharing Information with Other Agencies

Most of the time whatever you tell us will stay between you and the operator. However, we may need to share information with others if we believe a child or adult is at risk of serious or immediate harm, or if we are instructed by a court of law.

If this is the case, and you disclose information that could lead us to identify your name and location, we may have to share information with the appropriate authorities.

We would initially ask for your consent to share such information, and we can only help in these situations if we have information which identifies you.

Breaking confidentiality without consent

In extremely rare cases, our Helpline operators may need to share personal information without gaining consent. This will be in situations where:

  • A user shares information (such as location) which identifies a child or vulnerable adult who is at risk of serious harm

  • A user appears to be unable to give consent or become unconscious and they have told us where they are, allowing us to alert emergency services

  • A user threatens the safety of our Helpline operators or other staff, or any other third person about whom the user makes specific threats of harm

  • There is a legal requirement to provide information following receipt of a court order requiring us to share information

  • If information is received regarding an imminent act of terrorism or similar risk to the life of a third party

Do you have a comment, complaint or compliment?

We welcome constructive feedback to better our services and encourage any words of support.


Please use our Contact Us form and address your message to: FAO CrawleyLGBTQU+ Helpline Lead

Thank you in advance.

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